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A great collection in your store with zero effort?

That sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? PiNNED by K, however, developed a concept which makes that retailers no longer have to worry about their additional sales: Concept 2.0. This concept means always having an up-to-date presentation with fashion items in your store, never having to say ‘no’ to customers and free exchange of items that aren’t being sold very well.

Concept 2.0

With our new 2.0 concept we are in the shoes of the retailer” said Kris, the woman behind PiNNED by K. We place a presentation in your store with a carefully selected assortment of our various items. The presentation remains our property and doesn’t cost you anything as a retailer. You only invest in the items once, everything else will be arranged for you by the PiNNED team. For example, every month we update the assortment on the presentation in your store with new items, we supplement items and we offer free exchange of items that aren’t being sold very well. We also keep track of which items have been sold so we can provide you with an invoice, which is automatically collected by SEPA authorization. As a result, you as a retailer no longer have to worry about the administration that normally comes with a collection.

“Selling starts with a presentation which is strongly put together”

Concept 2.0 is our new favourite concept. With the presentation you can offer your customers an extensive collection and in addition, it’s a real eye-catcher in your store. Items supplied with the furniture include socks, collars, candy badges, laces and a selection of limited edition items. In total, the furniture is supplied with approximately 165 products.

Always a perfect presentation
| No risk for you as a retailer
| Always enough stock
Always the latest PiNNED by K collection in your store
| No hassle from additional administration
| 1165 items on one piece of furniture
If an item doesn’t sell, we will replace it for another item

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