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Let’s team up!


You can already find the designs by PiNNED by K in over 3.000 stores throughout Europe and your store can be next!

Are you passionate about fashion and unique one-of-a-kind key pieces and do you think PiNNED by K’s collection is the perfect brand to add to your store? We are always open to collaborations so please feel free to contact us any time!

Just give us a call at 085 018 76 64 or shoot us an e-mail at and let’s team up!

We would like to receive the following information:

– What’s the name of your store?
– Who’s the owner of the store?
– For how many years has your store been in business?
– Your company information, including V.A.T & corporate ID number
– Photos from the inside- and outside of your store
– Contact information of you, your buyer, manager, and anyone else who’s in charge.

Other than that, would you mind telling us how you’ve heard of PiNNED by K and a little bit more about yourself so we know with whom we have the pleasure to be talking to? That would be great, thank you very much!

Talk to you soon!


Team PiNNED by K

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