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Hi you!

Always wanted to have your own collection in your store? This is your chance, because PiNNED by K’s private label concept is being launched! This means that you can offer your customers private label t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, sweat dresses and shirt dresses, which can only be purchased in your store. How cool is that?!

The private label concept in short:


PiNNED by K’s private label collections are limited edition items
100% exclusivity: what’s in your store is available nowhere else!
| A t-shirt with a cool text, a hoodie in a cool colour or a shirt dress in a funky print? There is plenty of room for your own input in your collection!
| Do you want an exclusive collection but is designing not your strong suit? Then of course you can leave the design process entirely to the PiNNED team!
| Launching your private label collection together with PiNNED or individually? The choice is yours!
Do you prefer an exclusive collection with your own label? That too is one of the possibilities of the private label concept!
| All products are produced in The Netherlands and can therefore always be delivered quickly and at a competitive price.

All in all, PiNNED by K’s private label is our absolute favourite concept! It offers you the opportunity to design and release a unique collection very easily and is applicable to t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, sweat dresses and shirt dresses. You can choose from two packages that can also be combined.

More info? Please feel free to contact us:

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