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We can hear you thinking: which awesome people are behind an awesome brand such as PiNNED by K? Well, meet Kris and Vincent! A power couple with a huge passion for fashion and entrepreneurship. As a little girl Kris always dreamed of having her own label and to share all of her unique designs with the world. She eventually graduated as Image & Fashion Stylist and step by step she came closer to realizing her dream. Vincent is business broker by profession and knows like no other how to run things. The combination between the two of them and their shared passion for fashion and entrepreneurship allowed them to start their own label: PiNNED by K!

At the moment team PiNNED by K consists of four super excited team members. Together they make the world a prettier place every single day with the coolest ideas and designs. Their ultimate goal? To conquer the entire world!

Did you ever look so awesome to the point you didn’t want to go home because not enough people had seen you yet?

That’s the feeling Kris and Vincent want you to have by wearing PiNNED by K’s unique designs. The story behind PiNNED by K is actually a cheesy love story. It all started when Kris and Vincent went to Paris and Kris got crazy inspired by all the fashion around her. She experienced the magic of people creating their own style and everyone being perfectly accessorized. From hand crafted leather goods to beautiful scarfs and accessories with both classic and funky prints, Paris had it all. When the time came for a good shopping session back in The Netherlands, Kris bought herself a pair of sneakers but she felt like they were just a little bit boring. She remembered a shoe with a little fringe attached to it which she had spotted in Paris and asked Vincent to order a piece of leather and some tools. They started designing and eventually they designed the perfect pair of fringes to attach to any kind of shoe. This was it: PiNNED by K was officially born on this unforgettable day in 2015!

Nowadays PiNNED by K designs the prettiest classy and funky accessories like scarfs, handbags, pompoms, candy badges and perfectly handcrafted sneakers to spice up every outfit reliving that magic of Paris. And yet there is so much more awesomeness to come!

12 team members

Team PiNNED by K consists of 12 super passionate team members who work together every day to conquer the world!


PiNNED by K already has over 36,5K followers on Instagram


PiNNED by K already has over 13K followers on Facebook

2.000 boutiques

PiNNED by K can already be found in over 2.000 boutiques around the world!

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