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Vincent and Kris; entrepreneur power couple with a passion for fashion and owners of PiNNED by K. Kris had been dreaming about her own clothing brand allowing her to share her unique designs with the world since she was a little girl. After graduating as Image & Fashion Stylist she had taken one step closer to realizing her dream. Vincent’s profession is a business broker and he knows better than anyone about starting up a business. The couple turned out to form the perfect match, combining their mutual passions to start their own label May 2015: PiNNED by K.


PiNNED by K’s flying start had everything to do with the fringe: Kris had spotted these creations in a Paris shop window and after getting home had Vincent design a pair from a single piece of leather. Every single fringe sold by Kris and Vincent since then is handmade, of the highest quality and unique. Something that makes them very proud!

What had started six years ago as a cheesy love story inspired by the world’s fashion capitol has since grown to becoming a successful label with collections of unique clothes and accessories. The collections can be found both online as well as in more than 3.000 retail locations and counting; from small boutiques to large chains such as About You and Wehkamp and even on Curaçao. The ultimate goal? Conquering the world!

PiNNED by K headquarters is located in the company’s hometown; Schijndel, The Netherlands. It is the perfect base as it comes equipped with a showroom, its own design studio for creating the collections and a photo studio to photograph all items.

Due to the great value that PiNNED by K gives to diversity & inclusion the head office also offers space for people with a disability, allowing them a chance in society. In 2017 PiNNED by K was among the top three most suitable companies for people with a disability in Brabant according to the Dutch UWV. This also filles the company with great pride!


A new collection gets launched every five weeks. Because PiNNED by K has its own design studio the company remains a trendsetter all while having full control over the collection’s production process. In this way they try to burden the world as little as possible. Residues are reused as much as possible, movement of goods in the production process is kept to a bare minimum and customer demand can be continually responded to ensuring as little overproduction as possible. You guessed it: PiNNED by K is very proud of this as well!


Interested in exclusive, complete branding for your own company? Vincent and Kris supply private labels for both entrepreneurs and wholesalers with sister company OVERDOSE. From the design of a business card, to work clothing, to your own clothing brand with exclusive items, OVERDOSE has got you covered!

14 colleagues

Team PiNNED by K consists of 14 super passionate team members who work together every day to conquer the world!

37K followers on Instagram

PiNNED by K already has over 37K followers on Instagram

14K followers on Facebook

PiNNED by K already has over 14K followers on Facebook

3.000 boutiques

PiNNED by K can already be found in over 3.000 boutiques around the world!

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